Omambala River

Omambala River

The project is called Ebo Landing in commemoration of the heroic death of African women and men of Igbo/Ebo extraction who drowned themselves in the St Simmons Island Creeks singing “Orimili Omambala bu anyi bia, Orimili Omambala ka anyi ga eji na”, meaning “Omambala River brought us hither and it will carry us home”. Omambala river is actually located in Enugwu Aguleri, Anambra state, Igboland. Here is the river. – Catherine Acholonu

One thought on “Omambala River

  1. Passed down through my family over the years and not knowing the language… We now say “the blue waters of the ocean brought us and the ocean will take us home”. God is in the heavens above all. It is good to know the origin.

    I have never seen the land of Awka or Anambra State nigeria. Seening this photo today means so much! More than I can ever express. It is amazing how similar it looks to some of the inlets and rivers in South Carolina. I will see it im person one day. Thank you


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